Thursday, January 28, 2010

Today I wish I was HERE!


We did a routine to "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" in Jazzercise this morning and it took me back!
 I love this song.
They played it on our helicopter ride as we flew over the shores of Kaui, Hawaii!!
For a few moments I was there, it was a lovely couple minutes!


Monica said...

I wish I were there too, maybe not with "Him", but with my own! LOL!! No offense Jason (Ha Ha).

meg duerksen said...

that made me start to cry!
we have been talking about our trip to st. john that was almost six years ago now...for a month. we dream about it. it was a fabulous trip. i hope we can go somewhere again soon...but most likely it won't be till our 20 year.

did i just type TWENTY years? that's impossible...that's what old people say. happy 20th anniversary??? oh my.

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