Sunday, January 17, 2010

New Favorite Spot

My new favorite spot!!
A little moving around, finding some unused pieces and ta da!!
A space for me!
Best part about it . . . it was all FREE!
We cut down a high table/bar we got from my brothers as a wedding gift.
Moved the living room furniture a little bit.
Found a lamp we used in Utah, used one of the kitchen chairs we don't use since we can't extend our table in this kitchen.
I had planned to paint and distress it but for now I'm going to leave it.


The curtains I made (with a friend holding my hand the whole time) when we lived in Fairview, OK actually fit in these windows.  I was so excited. We had them in a box the whole time we lived in Utah. I'm so glad I didn't leave them with the house.

I've been dreaming of Spring and getting to sit here with the window cracked watching my kids play outside.
I didn't even have to wait until Spring.
Today all four kids went out to play in the snow piles.
I cracked the window.
They played for hours.
Such a nice change from the corner kitchen counter I've been looking at!


Phil and Melissa Wiebe said...

I LOVE it!! it's always fun to have a new spot... and find fun decor stuff that you already have... miss you!! thanks for sharing... now we can imagine you sitting there and sharing your life with us!!

Mandy said...

I was just complaining to Rob that I needed a desk for my "pile of stuff" and laptop. What a perfect idea! I just wish that window looked out onto our cul de sac instead of the farm. We miss you guys!

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