Sunday, January 17, 2010

Still Thinking of Haiti

Just can't stop thinking about it.
As Americans it's so easy to watch, be devastated, and then think there isn't anything very impacting that we can do.
So we don't.
It's times like these i get so frustrated that we live on such a tight budget living paycheck to paycheck.
I want to write a big fat check.
Make a difference somehow.
My man wants to "go".

I've followed this blog, Joys Hope, for over a year. Her husband is in ministry in Orange County.
Through her blog I've come to follow another blog. (Don't you love the blogging world?)
Kristen and her her husband are in the middle of a 2 year journey to bring their adopted son, Keanen,  home from Haiti. This picture was taken just the day before the quake.
She was there in Port-au-prince when the earthquake hit.
She has since made it home but had to leave their son there.
The kids from that orphanage are sleeping on the concrete outside.
Can you imagine??
Diane Sawyer did a show on the orphans in Haiti and she was holding their little son.
(Watch the clip HERE)
Keanen is the one in the blue shirt.
The story is amazing and it's just ONE orphan over there.
Kristen is asking for help on their blog.
Click HERE to view it and see if you can be of any help.
Watch the local news report that was also done on this family HERE.

There are so many bigger problems in the world than mine!

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