Friday, January 15, 2010


Having trouble being thankful?
Turn on the news or get on a website and see the needs in Haiti right now.
This has moved me.
A close friend of ours that was on staff with Jason at our previous church now works with a ministry called Hungry For Life.    
He said it best on his face book page the other day.
"And the suffering suffer more".
So true!
It's heart wrenching to see a country where the majority live at or below the poverty level already and now they are in an even worse state of suffering.

Just this week I read this verse in the Bible, gets me EVERY TIME!!
"Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine you did for me!"
Matthew 25:40

There are so many organizations that you can connect with to be apart of helping the Haitian people and all the ministries that are in Haiti that are now suffering too.
If you are in need of connections, here's two that I know are reliable resources.

Hungry for Life  
Put in the word Haiti next to your name and modify the amount desired.
100% of your gift will go to Haiti!!!


For adults/kids/groups wanting to immediately rally their troops and send care packages of food relief to Haiti; send to the address below. Lynx Air is going to be dedicating some relief flights to Port au Prince. This information also comes from Hungry for Life Ministries. Remember to send only things that won't perish.

Haiti Earthquake Relief c/o Lynx Air
3402 SW 9th Ave
Ft. Laud FL 33315

Haiti came up in conversation with the kids and I tried to find gentle words to explain what happened without creating fear in my kids.
I've also really had to be careful of the news because the images are graphic.
The twins can get anxious about natural disasters.
They asked if we lived on a place where the earth can crack open.
After a short conversation their responses were . . . .
"People are getting them out and to a new country right?." (Coleson)
"We need to make them all a card." (Carter)
I wish it was that simple,
i wish a card would lift their spirits and we could quickly get them all to a safe new land.
Pray for Haiti!

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