Sunday, December 13, 2009


Couple weeks ago we signed the twins up for an ALL BOY gymnastics class.
If you've been around the twins for an afternoon then you are saying . . . . "That is PERFECT for them!"
They are always in action.
My thinking was, "At least they'll learn to land properly."

As far back as I can remember they have been bouncing and jumping off of stuff.
When they were 18 months - 2 1/2 they were in the Buzz Light year stage and when we were hiking or outside places I would tell people, "If you here them say 'To Infinity and Beyond' don't hesitate, grab them because THEY WILL JUMP no matter how high up they are."

I haven't been able to fully watch a class. I sneak a peek through the double doors but it's tinted so hard to see. I do know they are loving it though and talk non-stop on the way home about the "new" things they get to do.  The teacher has several high school boys helping and I have seen the twins jump in into their arms several times. They just like people! Hug me, wrestle me, just notice me is what their little smiles seem to yell when they enter a room.

After their first class they got in the van and were both saying they had done better than the other one. Within seconds Carter said, "I know Coleson. I did better than you and you did better than me."
Coleson replied, "Yeah, that's right."
Conversation over!

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Randy Wertenberger said...

Hey Nicole--what's your email address? I tried to send you our Christmas card but I must've had an old email address. Thanks!

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