Monday, December 14, 2009


One more Christmas Tradition . . .

As a child on up to the present we have had a Glanzer (my maiden name) tradition.
On Christmas Eve after going to church we'd all come home all dressed up and we'd eat Clam Chowder.
But before we'd eat there would be a present on each of our plates wrapped up from my dad.
It was and still is always a gift with some sort of spiritual meaning or message.
Sometimes you'd open it and you'd know right away what it symbolized.
Other times you'd open it and think, "Ok this is a weird gift."
But then my dad would always explain it.

One gift a few years ago has resurfaced in my life and it's meaning it very powerful to me in our current season.

A mosaic coaster.
A mosaic is a variety of components that come together in one form - usually in a creative work of art.
The mosaic art work on the coaster is to remind us that our lives are like a mosaic - "a compilation of experiences and relationships that shape us into who we are.  As followers of Jesus, we live God-arranged lives. All of our experiences and relationships are part of the God-arranged and God-shaping of who we are." (quote from my dad)

This past 6-9 month season of life I've worried about each of our kids as we've transitioned.
I want to foretell the future on how it will all affect them.
My dad reminded me, shortly after we made the final decision and left Utah to move to Nebraska for a time, that my life and my KIDS lives are mosaics too.
We don't know what each one of our kids will get in this season of life that they will need for another part of their life.
God is using all these seasons in each one of us to form a beautiful mosaic.
I love the picture of my life as a beautiful mosaic!
You life is a beautiful mosaic too.

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Hayley said...

Wow, Nicole. I needed to read that. Between the message at church last Sunday and your post, it was a good reminder that even though I don't know what is going on in my life...God does.

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