Friday, December 11, 2009


For all you NEW moms or moms with LITTLE ones . . . . this post is for you!!

There are days in mothering where you DO get a grade.
Dentist day is one of them.
I got a D!
A "D" for not FLOSSING!!
We've got some dental work coming in our future and the majority of it is all do to our lack of flossing.
Problems in between the teeth.
Beforehand we went down the check list with the dentist.

Do we brush?  CHECK
Did we/ do we do some of the brushing for them? CHECK
Have the kids had regular cleanings? CHECK
Did we let our kids sleep with sippy cups and bottles?  (NO!) CHECK
Do the kids like fruits and vegetables. (Yes!) CHECK
Do we eat sugar cereal for breakfast?(UM,YES! We do like cheerios & Life too!) NO CHECK
Do we floss (SERIOUSLY??  For fun we do maybe 4 or 5 times a year??) NO CHECK

That last one I'm sure is what gave me the "D".
Ian heard me laughing about this with Jason and said, "You got a grade?"
I said, "Yes and so did Grammy because she didn't teach me to teach my children to floss either. HA!!"
(Sorry Grammy but I have to have someone to blame right? HA!)

So NEW moms . . . . floss those babies teeth!!
And no they don't give you an actual grade . . . it's a grade yourself assignment!
So maybe I really got a "C".
I've already purchased the cute flossing sticks for kids.
We had them one other time, guess we didn't use them!!
Bedtime routine just had to be uped by like 20 minutes. HA!!

PS:  We found the BEST Pediatric Dentist . . . if you are in our area let me hook you up! I have all positive things to say about this place. This was important to me because the kids have always done great at the dentist and I wanted it to continue. I should have taken pics of this place, it was cool and so kid friendly.

It was Tatum's first visit.
She was like a pro!
Just followed after her brothers.
She was so proud of herself.
She looked so grown up all of a sudden. (Sniff! Sniff!)
I cried over Ian's first visit.
No tears this time.
Just sad she's growing up so fast.

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Lisa said...

Addison goes in January...I guess I'd better start flossing!!

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