Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Snow Day x2

Two snow days in a row.
I was actually VERY thankful for the second one.
Day one was not good.
I was grumpy and sick of everyone. (just being honest)
So when I heard school was canceled again I thought "I get a redo! YEAH!"
I typically like snow days!

Day one we just stayed inside all day.
In the late afternoon we ventured out in the truck and headed to Walmart.
We were one of very few people in the store.
Sort of nice.
Kids shopped for each other and we stocked up on hot chocolate.
We came out of Walmart and EVERYTHING else (except McDonald's) was closed.
We decided we should get home.
Our drive home was uneventful but I would NEVER drive in this - Jason was in his element.

Today we did a project I had hidden away in the closet.
It took HOURS -- perfect for a snow day!

We finally ventured out into the snow later in the day.
The high was  7degrees -- yeah really COLD!!
I like playing in the snow but with it that cold I could have skipped it but I could just hear the kids at school saying "Did you play in the snow? It was so fun!"
I wasn't going to be the bummer mom -- so i bundled all 50 kids (wait only 4 kids) and out we went.
It actually went great.
Tatum ate too much snow.
Jason had piled a hill for them to explore.
After 45 minutes the younger three and I went inside.
Ian stayed strong and continued on.
Reminded me of the last two years in Utah.
The rest of the neighborhood would be inside and there would be Ian.
Playing away by himself just loving it!

This Houston girl is learning something new -- not all snow is the same.
Many of you probably knew that.
In Utah I would look out and feel like it was a winter wonderland.
Here it was DRIFTS of snow and then patches of dirt.
The snow just blows.
Crazy, haven't seen anything like it.
The drifts can be fun to play in - not so great for driving.

Schools on for tomorrow!
Two hours late start but still on.
Programs rescheduled.
Back to normal.
I am ready for normal - but thankful for today!


Heidi said...

I couldn't believe the snow drifts either last winter until I saw it with my own eyes! I was afraid to drive in it because you never know how deep the drifts are. When we moved to England, I said I was happy to be done with snow, but I'm starting to miss it a bit. They say we might get one snowfall and it melts by noon, so we'll see!!

meg duerksen said...

love the snow pics.

ok...i NEED to know what those mosaic things are. NEED. i love them.
my kids would too. :)

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