Friday, September 4, 2009

When in Rome

You've heard the phrase . . . "When in Rome do as the Romans do."
I'm not in Rome but I somewhat embrace that philosophy!
(You can try anything at least once and create an experience!)
This week I did a lot of things I don't usually do . . .
Froze Peaches,
Canned Pears,
Froze Corn on the cob,
Froze sweet corn,
Made Verinika (it's a German thing).

I had actually frozen peaches years ago . . . it's not hard and oh they are so good!!

Simple Peach Freezing Recipe
Boil water, put the ripe peaches in the boiling water for 1-2 minutes
Put them in a big bowl or pan to cool for few minutes.
Then with hands peel off the skin, by boiling them the skin should come off nice and easy.
Then cut the peaches up in slices.
(You can keep more peaches boiling and cooling while you keep working.)
For every 4 cups of sliced peaches you mix in 2/3rds cup of sugar and 1 tsp. of fruit fresh!
Mix it up and put it in bags or containers.
Good for cobblers, pies, or just a bowl of sweet peaches!

We did sweet corn the third day we were here.
When the corns ready I guess you have to be ready!
I had only gotten in on this one other time since knowing Jason's fam! Usually we come for Harvest and that's a whole different thing.

Then we froze corn on the cob too!!
I'd never canned before . . .it's quite the process! I just did what my mother in law said. I thought it would take a few hours and I'd be home before the bus came . . . change of plans . . . the kids and I ate dinner at Grandma's!

Then we joined the ladies at church for Verinika making. It's a yummy German food that they make tons of for the Arts and Crafts Fair in Kansas.
It was fun and we even took some home with us that morning.

We are stocked for the winter now!!
Maybe I can entice you to come visit???
Our last visitors left with a bag of frozen corn on the cob!!
You can even have your pick, we'll grill it, cook it, or just eat the regular sweet corn!
Come on over!
What "experience" is around you that you can embrace -- even if it's just one time?


hea said...

Oh my GOODNESS! Seriously, I was driving home from school today (Friday - YAY!), and I thought, I wish I could go to Durham for some Verenika tonight! That was one of our favorite places to go on Friday nights when we lived in Hillsboro. My mouth is watering just thinking about it! I've made it a couple of times. Maybe that should be a project for me for this 3-day weekend. Miss you!

Sweet Pea said...

Your post brings back lots of great memories from my childhood. We had so much fun getting together as a big family on corn day, canning peaches, pears and cherries. Those were good days and I miss them! I loved being a "country girl".

meg duerksen said...

that looks tiring!!
hours of canning? i never knew. and truck of
so are you coming along to KS with the verinica for the craft fair? :)
i will be there. tell me if you do!

Nicole Martens said...

You can "can" your goods by putting them in the top shelf of your dishwasher and running the gentle cycle. They will seal right up and your kitchen won't heat up due to the hot bath you put in!

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