Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Do you ever feel like you live in the kitchen?? Just wondering! I was in here (I'm there now) a lot today and started thinking this IS my office!! AHHH!

I did get a nap today . .. Tatum finally ended her 5 day strike of NO NAPS!! I'm sure she'll go on strike again tomorrow but for today it was QUIET at my place for 2 hours!! It was a slice of heaven!

Tonight I'm starting an Inheritance Beth Moore Video Series Study at church. I'm REALLY excited about it. I LOVE LOVE LOVE her studies. (She's a Texan from the city I grew up in - what's not to love about a Texan!? HA!) I'm hoping she challenges me and encourages me each week, and it doesn't have homework so no worries there! Check out her blog if you haven't heard of her. It's the LPM blog linked on the side blog.

We haven't done a middle of the week night at church for the last year or more and though I'm excited I'm hoping the bedtime routine will go okay. I'm a big fan of school bedtime staying the same! It just makes EVERYONE (mainly me) happy right??
We'll see how it goes.

Have a Happy Wednesday evening, whatever you are doing!

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Ryan and Michelle Wagner said...

Hey Nic~
Sorry it took so long to reply to your comment you left..but YOU probably FULLY understand the life of multiples more than a singlton mommy! I LOVED checking out your blog. I cringed when I saw that you had your cutie boy BEFORE the twins. I have always stated that it was such a huge blessing that Jesus gave me the twins first and then blessed me with my daughter. She is an unbelieveable easy child, and it would have been such a rude awakening having her first than two month premie twin boys (developmentally delayed in speech)!! I sighed out loud with your last post. I have joked with my close friends that my children will be taking naps up until the day they go to kindergarden. I NEED the 2hrs ALONE in the middle of the day! :) So I tried to find your random thing on the LPM blog but couldn't find yours! What is your trivial random thing about you? :) Hope you have a great day~Michelle

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