Monday, September 14, 2009

Happiness Today

Happiness is . . .
a girl marrying her best friend!!
Check out my friend's blog!
She was in our youth group years ago and her momma and I are best of friends!!
I can still remember her in our small group sharing about the kind of guy she'll marry someday. That someday is here and she found a good one!!
Can't wait till the wedding this weekend.

Happiness is . . .
I painted our outside doors red this weekend.
When Tatum and I walked up to the door this morning she said very slowly and with emphasis, "I LOVE THAT DOOR!"
Me too Tatum!
Hope the home owners LOVE it too!
Come check it out Craig and Lonnie!!


Mandy said...

I want to see pics of the red door! I bet it looks great. I talked your house up to a realtor who stopped by and asked me about the area. He is bringing by a family tomorrow to look at it. I will try to sell it to them and won't even ask you for any commission! Though if you don't sell is there a chance you will move back? On second thought....

karim said...

A valuable post on happiness

Karim - Mind Power

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