Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Crazy Beautiful, I got caught, and other things to stall!

Let's be honest, the two hardest things about moving are finding a new "girl dr." and finding a hair stylist.  Today I tackled the hair stylist and it was success!! The place was called Crazy Beautiful - isn't that a cute name??  (Helped that I have two cute sister in laws that could give me suggestions.)  I was so spoiled in UT - I loved my hair gal - her husband and Jason were in ministry together so not only did I get my hair done but I got to chat with a good friend!! MISS YOU MELISSA!!!  Today I went a little darker, ready for FALL!!  I didn't plan the day to well though, you know you always feel good after having your hair done so it's nice to do something when your hair looks good - we'll I went home and worked in the yard!! I had to laugh - it's the best I've ever looked working out in the yard and no one even saw me -- Jason was even gone all day.  HA!! 

Put the kids to bed and started doing my nails and toes for the upcoming wedding we have this weekend.  I wasn't but 5 minutes into it and I GOT CAUGHT!!  Tatum came out of her bed saying, "Mommy what are you doing?  I don't have my toes painted! I need my toes painted!"  I caved! We painted toes and fingers and put sparkly hearts on them!  She said, "Look daddy! I love them! Grammy is going to love my thumbs (those are the ones with the sparkly hearts on them)!" I put her back in bed but later had to threaten her if she came out again I'd have to take her nail polish off.  Wouldn't that be tramatic!? We'd for sure wake the boys up with the fit that would come with that consequence.  Just checked in on her, she's sleeping with her new "parkly shoes" on . . . they are silver ballet looking shoes.  What a girl!!!!!!!!! Yesterday she had her towel around her and kept saying she was Princess ??? , I couldn't figure out what she was saying. She kept saying it and it finally clicked . . . PRINCESS HERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Now if that isn't a princess with brothers??!!

Over the course of the last two nights Jas and I have had the VMA awards on in the background while doing other stuff . . . laundry, nails, emails, etc. . . . let's just say PEOPLE ARE SO WEIRD??  I have laughed my head off at some of the bizarre things.  I love all the music but wow the extremes artists go to to be somebody! Part of it is TALENT and some of it just makes me so sad! Did any of you watch it? It's a cultural experience. Did you SEE Lady GaGa's outfits for her face???   The red thing looked like she got tangled in a fish net?  And what the heck was with the bird's nest surrounding her face??  I second guess myself when I have big earrings or a necklace I think might be to big . . . no need to do that anymore!

Last weekend we went to a Heritage Days in town. They had stations for the kids showing things they did "back in the day". It was fun. Kids got to make butter, wash clothes, make rope, drink REAL apple juice and more.  I had to laugh at the clothes washing station. They gave Ian ladies panties to wash.  I mean seriously?? Then Carter took a dive in a stock tank head first!  I looked up to see Jason grabbing Carter by the ankle and Carter's head and shoulders are under water. For a split second I thought "Is Jason seriously dunking our kid in the water?" I guess he was leaning in and just fell in and Jason grabbed him before he went completely in. He was ok, a little embarassed but ok!  Never a dull moment when the Quirings are out and about!
The truth behind this post . . . I'm stalling . . . I still need to pack . . . we leave tomorrow for our friend's wedding and I haven't packed. What the heck am I thinking?  I'm thinking I don't want to think about what we're all going to wear for the next several days.  OK, gotta go!


hea said...

I laughed out loud thinking about Ian washing a pair of women's panties. HYSTERICAL! And it looks like he had to hang them to dry. I'm still chuckling!
Have fun in Fairview!

meg duerksen said...

oh i can't wait to see you pictures of the wedding!! and your pretty nails!
her pictures were so pretty.
yeah right jason was "saving" carter. i think you were right on with the dunking. i could see that. ha ha ha

soak up all that love at that wedding. love from old friends. love from growth and maturity that you were a part of. and seeing a girl become a woman and get married. love from being known by real friends who were there through it all. i am so happy you are getting this weekend nicole!
jason is going to do great! i wish i could see it! take a ton of pictures. you have too!

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