Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Vintage Wedding!

We spent the weekend in Oklahoma celebrating with our dear friends the KARBERS as their daugher got married. It was AN EVENT!! The days leading up to the event I kept thinking all we need is a TLC camera crew out here. The entire bride's family and the groom are very talented. (Both Bride and Groom are in careers involving design/archect/etc.) They were all buzzing around executing the plan and creating new things on the spot!  It was amazing. It felt like a movie . . .

Homemade Pies
Vintage Dinnerware
Family Style
Mason Jars
Bails of Hay
Lemonade Stand
Lawn Games
Photo Booth (for guests)
1952 Wheat Truck
Hand made ties

Dancing down the asile on the way out
Hand made Flower arrangments
Hand made signage
Blue Grass Music
Wedding Exit - back of the wheat truck

I promised many of you lots of pictures . . . I did my best but had some camera issues and I was busy with details.  I thought of  many of you the whole time knowing you would love all the detail!
Here's my pics with some commentary on some of them!
(Warning : there are lots of them!)
The music playing on my blog (first song) is what the wedding party walked into. (All I Want is You - from Juno Soundtrack - perfect for this wedding!)

Brit and bridesmades walked out of the double doors.

Rehearsal:  Don't you LOVE the red barn in the background?  My college room mate actually grew up there!! I hadn't even met her till college, isn't that crazy, now here I am best friends with her old neighbors.

Our BFF's watching their daughter rehearse for her wedding!
They should be so proud of her and her choice in a man!

Who is the HOT preacher man??
The horses grazed close by the entire wedding!! Picture Perfect!

His message was great . . .
Short and sweet; very personal for the couple, and some tokens of wisdom from God's design of marriage.
He always uses an object when he speaks at a wedding. The objects were so fitting for this couple.
This time he came from a different angle and shared two things WE can be reminded of from this couple.

1.  Detail (the object was a calculator)
He shared how this couple was into detail (just look around at the wedding).
We have to take care of the details in a marriage to make it a success.
God cares about details.

2.  Creativity (the object was a paint brush)
This couple brings creativity to everything. (again - just look around at the wedding)
Creativity can be connected to JOY!
Be creative in your marriage, be spontaneous, and always keep the JOY in your marriage.

Port-a-potties were behind this. The signs say, "Mares" and "Studs".
Barrett (the brides brother) rigged this up that morning!

We all sat down and were served family style. It was gorgeous!

This is a special picture for me  . . I wish the Bride was in it! 
These girls were my first small group in youth ministry.
I still have a picture of the four of them in my bible.
I can remember sitting and listening to them all describe "the man" they would marry someday. 
Jason has married two of the four girls now and both married great men.
I LOVE these girls!
I learned so much from them!
It's so amazing to see the women they all are today!

Very Creative idea . . . no boring family picture. . . they had all four families stand out in the
field by a sign with their name on it. 

They were completely themselves that day!!
I love when you can tell the Bride and Groom are really enjoying themselves!!
They were calm all weekend, just soaking in all the fun and creating and involving themselves in the things that were important to them!!

Now they are like in Costa Rica or something for some crazy amount of days!!! Lucky!

I'm so thankful we were able to be apart of this celebration!!
Love you Karbers (and now Eppersons)!


hea said...

My heart is so thrilled for them, and I am a little sad that I couldn't be there, too. Mom filled me in on all the fabulous details - LOVE it! I also got tears in my eyes to see my old barn in the background. How picturesque! Thanks for documenting it for me!
Love ya!

meg duerksen said...

wow! i knew it would be beautiful.

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