Thursday, September 3, 2009


At our house we have titles.
Tatum's the princess, Jason's the king, the boys jump from being the prince/dragon/or knights (whatever they feel like at the moment).
That leaves me as Queen.
Some of you may think that's a great title . . . I've always had mixed feelings about it. I'm always saying I'm also a princess. The princess gets fussed over, taken care of, protected, and saved from evil.
The Queen seems bossy and full of responsibility.
I mean really what do you think about when you think of a Queen??
Old princess who has gained weight and sits on a throne not involved in the action anymore. But on the other hand the Queen holds the power and calls the shots too so what's one to do??
Princess? or Queen?
Well, for my birthday Jason gave me the best card ever, he said he knew it was perfect for me when he saw it, he was right!!
Look at THIS QUEEN!!
Now that's a Queen!
I'll be her . . . she looks like a Queen that hasn't forgotten she's also a princess!!
She's hip.
She's stylish.
She looks like she's in the action!
I'll be her!
Today I made a "queen" decision.
I stayed in my pj pants and tank top all day - yep still in them!
This "queen" did plenty today but I just did it all in my comfy pjs!
You can do that when you are a
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