Monday, August 24, 2009

My moment has arrived!

Back in June when our life started to spin with a long list of things to do in order to move I started looking for the moment when life would be still for just a little bit. I decided that moment would come when 1) Ian was in school 2) the twins were in preschool and 3) Tatum was taking a nap!
That moment is now!
Ian's at school!
Twins went to their FIRST day of preschool today!
And Tatum is almost asleep!
What should I do now??
Think about how preschool is going?
Clean my kitchen?
Pick up my house?
Take a nap?
Unpack a box?
Read a book?
I've decided it doesn't really matter what I do . . . the great thing is it's quiet and I get to choose!!
I have 2 hours so goodbye, I'm off to enjoy my moment!

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