Thursday, August 20, 2009

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Carter and Coleson!

You boys make my life so full and so much fun!!
I love you boys!!!
Boys had a "man meal" with Jason today. (Man meal is an all boys meal with just daddy. . . in Utah it was polish dogs at Costco . . . . today I think it was McDonalds)!

FINALE GIFT from Grandpa and Grandma and us . . . . a GATOR!!
Just what they need to complete the "farm experience"!!

They had a ball figuring this out!!

Tatum squealed for 45 minutes while they gave her rides!!

I can see hours of entertainment in our future!

One more party tomorrow with the fam!! The twins partying just keeps going and going!!


robduke said...

Happy birthday to your boys!!! Great talking to you today...we need to get together...miss you!!!

Mandy said...

Happy Birthday Carter and Coleson!! We love your new 4wheeler. Evan just asked me if he could have a 4wheeler for his birthday! Thanks Nicole :) Also, Evan wants to know how the twins learned to drive!

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