Wednesday, August 19, 2009

First day of School

How can he be a SECOND GRADER?????
Where is the time going?
Nerves, Lots of Dreaming last night, Excitement, Prayers, and a Few Tears . . .
(That was just ME today! HA!)
Ian was up and excited for school today! He seemed Excited Nervous!!
New School,
New Kid,
New Grade!!!
Lots of New Exciting things!
I'm SO PROUD of him for how he handles all the NEW things in life!!
As all parents do, I pray his teacher will see what a neat kid he is!!
He came home with great reports of the day (it was just a half day) and by mid afternoon said he wants to go back to school. That's what every mom wants to hear right?

His cousin Josh and him are in the same class!! How cool is that?
I drove Ian to school and we hung out till Josh got there. All the kids hung out in the gym. Ian thought it was cool that this was the same place Daddy went to school and played b-ball in that gym!!
Here comes my kid on the country road!!
The kids and I waited for him outside with our "back to school treat"!!

Back to school treat this year . . . ice cream cones with Oreos!
Ian told me later, "I wondered what it would be because I knew you would have a treat for me just like you did in first grade and kindergarten. You always make some treat for us!"
Those sort of comments from my kids make me smile!

I found these 123 Nuggets too so that was our lunch!

Well, the first day is down!
Now maybe I can start accomplishing something while he's at school instead of just walking around wondering how his day is going!! Anyone relate or am I the only crazy one?

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Sara W said...

Wow, it is unbelieveable how much he looks like Jason.

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