Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Last day of Summer
One more day for some crazy summer fun.
We pulled out the pudding.
I've seen this in several magazines and the famous
Jon and Kate have done it twice.
Gave the kids a scoop of chocolate and vanilla pudding and the rules . . . you can eat, you can paint, but you can't throw it!!
Surprisingly they didn't go crazy. Some weren't so sure. Tatum was the first to start painting.
We had some of our cousins here to join in on the fun!

Tatum and Sam gave me a "mud bath"!

It was a fun carefree way to end the summer.
It REALLY has been a CRAZY summer that was full of things we never thought we'd be doing.
When I look back at all we've accomplished, all the decisions we've made, and all the experiences I really am blown away.
Summer of 2009 will not be forgotten!!
I'm sad to see it end but I am welcoming the structure and routine
that school will bring!


Becca said...

Your new life in the farm looks like a lot of fun! Good luck starting off a new school year!

Becca said...

Oops...meant to say "on the farm"...grammar check!

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