Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First Day Preschool

Turning 5 and preschool all within days??
Big week for these guys!
They've been waiting for preschool for months.
They picked out their clothes and they each choose completely different outfits - even shoes. They have matching shirts of both of these but I just let them pick it all out!
That was sort of hard for me but I did it -- it's not like they have to match but it's just stinking cute! If they are just playing at home they always pick their stuff and most of the time they pick similar stuff but if we are going somewhere I almost always pick out things that match or have similar stuff but just different colors .
It was neat though today to see their individual ideas!
(I'm sure their new teacher appreciated it!)
I must say I favor Coleson's shirt . . . . tie on the t-shirt! I've got to get their pictures done in these . . . I WISH I could find one in Jason's size!!
I love it, I didn't tell them to put their arms around each other, they just do!! Seeing their bond is one of the best things in the world. It's so unique!!

The REAL adventure of the day for them was their FIRST ride on the school bus. I take them to school but since it's at the elementary school they get to ride the bus home with Ian!! They were THRILLED! So was Ian. They all three feel asleep talking about it and woke up talking about it.
This picture tells it all!! Love it! They came running off the bus all excited to tell me riding the bus was AWESOME and preschool was FUN!
I can't believe they are old enough to ride the bus!

Tatum and I made them a school bus cake. We sort of made it up as we went along. Not perfect looking but fun!
Right before the bus came Tatum said, "The boys will be happy."
They were!
I was happy because they were happy!
Another FIRST down!
And now I'm done coming up with creative "first day" snacks - at least till next year!

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Sara W said...

You are so creative. Where do you get all your ideas? What great memories.

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