Saturday, June 20, 2009

Pray for Maryn

A mom from our church needs your prayer for her and her little girl. I got to know her a little when I was working in our preschool department at church. She was a volunteer for me. Her daughter is 3 and was diagnosed last week with a inoperable brain tumor on the brain stem. I just read through the blog she set up to keep people updated and I cried the entire time. In one post it says the Dr. has given her 9 months to a year to live. It is any parent's nightmare. Read through this and begin to pray for them. I also have it linked on the side of my blog. As I finished reading the last post I heard Tatum wake up from her nap crying. I sat and held her and cried. Cried for Annette, cried for Maryn. Then I prayed. Jason just preached on Sunday about prayer and I thought of some of the things he said. "We don't know how it all works but we know as Christians we are called to do it, we do it, and there is power in it!" Let's immerse Maryn, her family, and the doctors in our prayers.

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