Tuesday, June 30, 2009


If you know me well you may want to have a seat for this one . . .


We have been in PROCESSING mode for weeks now ever since we got news that our hopes to plant a church in Utah County was not going to become a reality. We've looked at a hand full of options and weighed out all the pros, cons, and realities!! It feels GOOD to finally have made a decision and to now be taking steps in that direction!

We will be moving to Nebraska by Jason's family. Jason will be starting seminary in August (online) and will be farming with his brothers and dad on their corn farm for a year. His family has been AWESOME and GENEROUS in giving us this opportunity. The plan it to take this next year to do several things . . .
. . . allow Jason to get a good start in seminary
. . . give us time to discern long term ministry opportunities
. . . allow us to take a break from ministry and to "heal up" from our difficult last year
. . . give our family experiences we would not have had otherwise.

We are SAD, SAD, SAD, about leaving Utah. This wasn't in our plan!
We love our friends.
We love our neighborhood.
We love all Utah has to offer.
Driving away is going to be difficult and emotional.

We are trying to look to the positives of the next year . . .
We will live by family for the first time EVER in our marriage.
Our kids (and me) will experience COUNTRY or FARM life for the first time ever.
(This should make for some interesting blog posts so stay posted! HA!)

When we told our kids they were very excited but had many questions. Jason said it best. He said, "They are just little us, they will be sad about the things we are sad about and they will be excited about the things we are excited about." So true!!

Our life has always been an adventure . . . Thankfully we are on this adventure TOGETHER and we are on this adventure with a very LOVING, PERSONAL God who had PLANS for us!!

I promise my next post won't be deep . . . I'll fill in with pics!!


Cale and Kim said...

Oh NICOLE! I can't believe it!!!!!! I'm so, so very sad, but very, very happy for your family to come to this decision together and are continuing to following the Lord and what He has for you! WOW! I had no idea I'd be reading this on your blog! I'm glad I checked it! Let us know when you are going to be moving out of SLC.....I want to introduce you to Amara before you go!

MKTaylor said...

Nicole, I am sure that this decision came with many tears, much anguish and many dreams as well! I pray that your time on the farm with Jason's family is all that you dream it will be. I pray that God will use this next year ahead to bless you richly and may it be a year of rest after this hard year. We are praying for you guys!

Amy said...

What an awesome opportunity! I'm excited for you guys, but of course will miss you. How fortunate for the kids to get to be near their grandparents. When are you planning to move?

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