Thursday, July 2, 2009

Our days in Nebraska

We've been gone for 32 days from home . . .
These are pics from our days in Nebraska.
A glimpse into our future . . .
Here's my farm girl!

Zach man was the master at catching frogs!

We went out to "help" daddy one afternoon. I think we lasted all of 15 minutes!

Carter and Coleson loved getting a ride! They were checking it all out!

Summer Days at the pool!
Both of our grandparents communities had AWESOME pools!
Some things haven't changed since I was a kid . . . . adult swim meant candy time for the kids!
The boys got creative about where to place there ring pops so they could jump back in the pool.

Yeah . . . Allie came to Nebraska and we hooked up for an afternoon. A little bit of Utah in our month!! When I told Coleson Allie was going to be at the pool today he said, "YES!"
We love you Allie!!
Daddy did some entertaining for us all one day off of the high dive!

Bocce ball with the cousins!

Tatum learned to PEDAL!!!!!! She looked SO big I almost cried!
Boys RULE!!
(and get dirty.)
Ian got to go to day camp with his cousin Josh. Same place Jason used to go! He had a blast!
(Thanks Craig and Christine! Thanks for the shirt Grandma!)
Nebraska was good!

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