Monday, June 15, 2009

Love and a little bit of Country Living

We just spent the weekend in a place we ALWAYS come away from feeling loved!!
This trip was no exception.
It was home to us for 7 years and we started our family there so we have many good
friends and memories.
Jason did a wedding (I'll blog about that another time, it was great.), preached on Sunday (did a great job on that too) and we laughed, chatted, and caught up with good friends.
We also got in a little bit of country living!!
Horses, wide open spaces, fishing, rides in a pick up . . . it was all good!
The kids couldn't get enough of their buddies Wes and Will!!
Scott and Natalie we love you guys!
The kids will have "sleep over" memories for awhile now!
(Blurry photo, sorry)

You gotta LOVE this pic!! Swimsuit, rainboots, a horse and attitude! What a sight!

So many of my favorite pics of the boys come from this place. It's calming, relaxing, and always a good time. Thanks for a great afternoon Lonnie, Cindy, Jay and Brenda!

We got to stay with our dear friends Curt and Deb!! (The horse pics are from there place.)
We love you guys! Thanks for the laughs and tears! Thanks for letting us INVADE
your place too!

My kids are NOT around animals a lot. They like them but can be hesitant (I take blame for that). . . they got a good dose this weekend. Cats, dogs, horses, worms and cows!!

These girls already know the trick to a good day . . . a big SONIC drink!

Thanks Fairview for a great weekend!
We are on day 15 of our time away from Utah!
We are missing our friends, neighbors, and beds but enjoying our families and friends in the Midwest!!


Monica said...

I can not believe the weekend we planned on leaving was the weekend you were here!!! I so wanted to see you and hug you...I miss you so much!! I am so glad you all had a wonderful trip and got to come "home" for a few days. Hope to see you the next time!!

meg duerksen said...

wow...i haven't seen deb and Curt forEVER!!!
used to go on their family camping trips with their niece every summer. :)

you big dork...driving right by my house and not stopping! don't ever do that again! at least pull over and honk so i can give you a hug!

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