Monday, April 27, 2009

Tatum's Questions

"That yours castle?"
"That yours prince?"
Tatum asks me those two questions every time she looks at this wedding picture of Jason and I. For the longest time it was just "That yours castle mommy?" The picture is in front of the Houston skyline so I guess she thinks the buildings are a castle. I tried explaining it at first but now I just say yes it is sweetie. Just last week she added the second question . . . "That yours prince? Daddy yours prince?" It doesn't get any sweeter than that! Yes Tatum he's my prince and I hope you find a prince like him someday too.

She's also started to sing with Jason or I at bedtime or naptime. Her favorite song is Jesus loves me. I finally got it on video . . . this is a mild performance compared to some of them but you can see the expression on her face. I just love listening to her sing. (Don't forget to turn the sound off of my blog before you press play. Just scroll to the bottom of the blog and turn it off first.)


Jenny said...

Oh my...just what I needed to see and hear after a really long and tough day...what a precious gift from kids are whats keeping me smiling through all of this lay-off mess!!! love ya girl, she is ADORABLE!!

Sweet Pea said...

Tatum is precious! What a priceless little video! Praying for your family!

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