Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ramblings of a tired mom

It's 5:15, I should be finishing dinner, we leave at 6:00 for our small group bible study but I just needed to talk (or blog, whatever). I'm tired! With our house on the market I have spent way to much time lately focusing on my house. We don't even know if we need or want it to sell. I've decided I've been like those hourly paid women that work at a Hands On Children's Museum . . . they roam from play space to play space and pick up. I've always watched them at these places and thought looks like an easy job but how terrible . . . well, that's now what my days have been consumed of. Yes my children pick up but let's be honest, the weight of it rests on me! Last night I put Tatum to bed and I started picking up some stuff that I just couldn't over look till morning when Tatum came out and said, "I need to clean up." Spoken like a girl . . . if I just knew when exactly which days someone would want to see my house it would make a difference. We've shown it 6 or 7 times in 3 weeks. I know I'm tired when I'm making dinner and while trying to decide if I should just do paper plates or real plates I check the dishwasher. My thinking was if there is space in there for dirty plates I'll use real ones, if not it's paper again!! HA! 4:00-6:00 have always been my hardest mothering hours of the day . . . . I start longing for daddy, the kids start longing for food or they get an extra spout of energy . . . daddy should be home any minute . . .YEA!!

I had a good day getting to chat with a friend, thanks for coming over Brooke, it's always fun to hang with you!! She even helped pick up toys for a little bit and I know her 2 year old didn't touch even a 1/4th of the toys!

As any tired mom at the end of a day, I could ramble on longer, but I've got kids to corral inside and I should comb my hair before we leave the house too!

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Monica said...

I just pray for you, for peace, patience, strength (emotional and physical) and understanding. I pray every day for you guys to find your path and for God to show you the way. I know He has something amazing in store for you!! I wish I were closer to help you pick up toys and clean your house- I am with you in spirit! LOL! Love and miss ya Monica

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