Monday, May 4, 2009


While out this weekend I pulled into the store, got out of my van, turned around and BAM! a PERFECT rainbow. I could see the beginning and the end. I snapped this shot and then decided I wanted to see it without the parking lot obstructing the view. I had just come down from the mountain so I quickly headed back up for a better view. Well . . . you probably guessed what happened. The 3 minutes it took for me to reposition myself to get a great spot it began to fade.
It got me thinking about God's promises. God promises He will walk through ALL things with us! I don't think I've blogged yet how THANKFUL we are that God has walked through our last 5 months with us. I've been asked so many times, How are you guys making it financially? (It's been 4 months since Jason was laid off from his full time ministry job.) I could tell you we've cut our budget even more (which we did) or that Jason has had some part time jobs and a temporary full time job (which he has) but really it's just been God. We've had a string of things that all fell at the right time - I call that God! We've also had so many generous people provide for us in a variety of ways. The youthgroup and some families from church gave us large amounts of gift cards that took care of so many of our grocery needs. Even many of you have given to us and we can't THANK YOU ENOUGH!! Financial gifts, inviting us over for a meal, praying for us, giving us your connections for insurance, jobs etc., have all been ways God continues to provide. It's not always fun to go through difficult times or trying times but the one thing I know is that when you go through something that you can't control then we really get to see God be in control. That's where he should be all the time but I think we miss it so often because we are trying to be in control!
All this from the sight of a rainbow!!

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Monica said...

That was a great pic you captured..isn't amazing that things in nature can trigger our innermost thoughts and put life back in perspective. I love seems you can feel God even more when you are in his handmade tapestry. Anyway, I am so glad things are going good, and hope they keep going that way. You are always in my prayers and thoughts. Love ya and miss ya!

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