Friday, April 10, 2009

For Sale . . . . Maybe!

One decision made . . . sort of! We put our house on the market this week because many of the opportunities that we are considering would involve moving. We felt like we should have the ball going with the house just in case. We haven't talked at all about moving with the kids so we knew we needed to introduce that topic before the sign went up. We explained to them that we might move but we might not and that we'd let them know if we decided to move. Coleson just didn't want to move to the beach . . . because of hurricanes (we had talked about hurricanes recently.). Ian said very seriously, "So the sign will say FOR SALE MAYBE." Great Idea Ian that's really what it should say!!

1 comment:

scrappingmom said...

Love the 'for sale Maybe" part. I can definitely relate to that! Some days I still don't want to sell.

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