Friday, April 10, 2009

SPRING is kind of here!

Why am I up at 12:45 blogging? . . . because the house is quiet, Jason is in the garage working on a project for work, and I'm not acknowledging the fact that I will have 4 kids to parent tomorrow morning.

This week we had a couple days reminding us that spring is really here! In the past 7 days we've seen blowing snow, rain, and sunshine! I took some pics of us living it up outside. The boys LIVE on their bikes and are just crazy. We should probably pay rent for our neighbors trampoline too! I'm so thankful all the kids love the outdoors. Really rain, snow or shine they like time outside !

Don't worry no matches were used in this little mock fire pit they built. It was pretty accurate though, I thought their daddy would be proud (and their mom scared.).

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