Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What are people thinking?

Today the weather was warm, I think it hit 60 but the wind was blowing SOO hard it was annoying - obviously people are ready for beach weather because I saw so many people today wearing tank tops, shorts, and sandals. PEOPLE IT'S NOT SUMMER YET!!! I admit I wore more of a spring shoe today but tank tops and flip flops??? It just made me laugh.

The three younger ones and I went to Costco today and then had lunch there. Afterwards I asked Carter if he thought he could throw his plate away in the trash can without touching the trashcan. His reply cracked me up .. . . . "I can try, I've never done that before." He's probably right, usually I think they lick it, just kidding but they seem to hug the darn thing at least. Grosses me out. I should probably shower those two anytime we get back from running errands.

I usually do my big grocery shopping without kids at night but today I took all three kids and I hit three stores, the bank, and the dry cleaners. They did really good and I don't think I spent more than 20 extra bucks on things I wouldn't have usually bought if I was alone like Superhero popsicles, a pack of gum, and frozen waffles. I was reminded how far we've come with the twins . . . when we shop at Walmart if they do a good job we go LOOK at the toy aisles. (Three strikes and we don't go!!!) When they were 2 or even 3 we'd usually have at least one of them have a melt down when we left the toy aisle without the toy. Now they just constantly ask, "Can you buy me this for my birthday??" I always say, "We'll see!" This pleases them . . . their birthday is like 6 months away!!! Today . . . we looked and we left. Both boys walked away from the toy aisle on their own two feet and that was it. I love those moments when I recognize the progress we've made over the years. Notice I said both boys walked away. . . . Taters is two and just knew I was going to buy the Barbie make up kit. Sorry princess - someday you'll walk away on your own two feet too.

That's my day!!! Now I'll stay inside and watch the wind whip around outside!!


Nicole Martens said...

Hey about 90 degrees??? My kids were playing in the sprinkler in their bathing suits...don't worry, it will be back to 40 degrees in about 4 days!! Hope all is well!

Monica said...

That is too funny...My kiddos still have melt downs. I am the meanest mom they know!! LOL!! Yeah we woke up to snow today and it is suppose to be like this all through the weekend!! YEAH!! (just kidding, it stinks) Hope you all are hanging in there...Miss you all!

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