Friday, March 13, 2009

Cliff Climber

My kids are always telling me what they want to do or be when they are older. WHen they say things like astronaut or race car driver I usually say wow, that would be cool. Not that they couldn't be that but I don't think much about it. But when they say things like what Carter said today, "Mommy when I am a grown up I am going to be a hiker and climb cliffs!" I know the odds are pretty good that they'll do something like that at some point and I just have to shudder, pray, and then hang onto the moments when they are little and I can control (to some extent) what cliffs they climb! My response to him today was, "Wow, you'd be good at that. You know a good hiker always makes sure what they are doing is safe." (That's partly true and partly a joke right??)

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