Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Parade, a puppet show, lots of pictures and my random thoughts

Happy St. Patrick's Day!! (It's actually on Tuesday.) We celebrated today by going downtown to a parade with our Irish friends!! It was fun, the weather was perfect for a day outside. The kids loved all the candy, beads, and hats they caught. You know a parade is giving out lots of candy when by the end the kids just let the candy land and don't even pick it up unless it's a favorite kind. I love a good family outing like this!! Coleson and his buddy Aiden are checkin out their beads!!

Today Tatum was running around outside with her purse, her baby, and food from her kitchen. She was running after the boys saying "Lunchtime, Lunchtime" They kept on playing and she kept on saying "Lunchtime." What a little mommy.

Later her and her horse rested. HA!

Preschool for the week . . . since the twins aren't in preschool anymore I've been trying to do one or two "preschool type" things each week. Nothing structured, just a simple project or activity. So much of playing is a preschool activity but they really do miss the projects they did at school, my boys all love to create. So this week we played with chalk and black construction paper. They made some great creations . . . we even used a papertowel to alter the color some. They are always wanting to give their pictures to someone so within minutes of finishing their project they ran it over to the neighbors . . . isn't that nice?? I get to have fun with them, take a picture of the finished product, and then the neighbor gets to display them on HER fridge. HA!!! No secret "filing" has to occur next week.

Our other activity was a puppet show. Grammy bought these great scenes while she was here at IKEA for $2 each. What a deal. I pulled them out while Tatum was taking a nap so the twins had plenty of time to play without Tatum or Ian. We (yes even me) played for an hour. I had to help them get a story going. Their stories started with "This is a pig. Oink Oink, This is a chicken, bawk bawk, The pig and the chicken fight." Every scene was a wrestling scene. Cracked me up. By the end we had several stories going. They were funny, after watching me do a couple they would take off with a story. When Tatum woke up she joined in too, she wasn't lacking words for the puppets to say. Then Ian came home from school and it all started again. The next day Ian and his friend Duncan did a show for the three younger ones. What a great investment!! Thanks Grammy. Maybe one week we'll make sock puppets for a project.

Ian had off school on Monday so the kids and I went to the Dinosaur Museum, we've been going there since we moved here but it had been early Fall since our last trip. For awhile we were going several times a month so this long break really made it exciting to go back. The kids all did fabulous and once again it made me realize how much they've grown. We went without a stroller and without an extra helper. For awhile I always had a HS girl or a friend there to help me with all four. No help needed today, what a good feeling. Of course I missed having someone to talk to while the kids played at each thing but it felt like another milestone.
The paleontologists were actually working today!! Cool to watch.

( I don't know why I like pictures from the back but I do!)

Tomorrow I get to meet one of my blogging friends. That's the only way I know this gal. Check out her blog, it's linked on mine. . . . it's titled "Whatever". They are in SLC skiing this week - they are from KS. Jason knows her husband but I've never met them, they have five kids and tomorrow we have lunch plans! Should be fun . . . she's so creative!
Jason and Ian are at a Semi-pro basketball game tonight with his b-ball team and it's time to kiss the others goodnight and then watch some mindless tv. I'm tired!!
Don't forget to wear green on Tuesday!!

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