Sunday, March 1, 2009

Ice Ice Baby!!!

Friday night Jason and I had a flash from the past. We rocked out with Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer!! Oh yeah . . . it was hilarious! Our friends gave us tickets (THANKS MELISSA!!!), how could we say no?? We all dressed up and went out to eat first. We had to wait in a busy lobby for 30 minutes at the restaurant. It was HILARIOUS watching everyone looking at us. We had everything from the mullet guy to a Vanilla Ice look alike. Jason even put our name in as Vanilla Ice! The concert was GREAT . . . all three songs we knew, ha!!! We did have a great time and did a lot of laughing. The MC Hammer dancers were great and just checking out all the great clothes was fun!

The kids weren't sure what to think of us when we were getting ready. Carter asked me if I was wearing a wig? The twins had helped me look for clothes and I told them I was looking for something funny to wear. That evening Coleson put on a Halloween costume and asked if he could come because he was wearing something funny too.

Check out the bangs!!! They weren't perfect but pretty close to some of my Jr. High year pictures!!! I wished I would have had my collection of earrings to choose from . . . man I had a could selection didn't I mom??

Check out this girls outfit??

Let's relive some song lyrics from these guys . . .
To legit, to legit to quit.
You've got to pray, you've got pray just to make it today.
Stop, hammer time!
Can't touch this.
Go ninja, go ninja go!
They do what they want to do, do what they wanna do, dance how they wanna dance.
It was a fun night!! We all laughed and said now we can check this off of our list of things we've always wanted to do. HA!!!


Heidi said...

That looks like so much fun!! I remember the good 'ol days of rocking out to Vanilla Ice! I loved the costumes!

Monica said...

I love it!!! That looks like way too much fun!!! You looked so 80s..

Amy said...

Oh, now I'm jealous ;) Ray wanted to go to this concert, but wasn't willing to pay for it, so it's fun to see your pics. Glad you had a good time.

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