Friday, February 27, 2009

The Season Has Ended

The b-ball season has ended . . . it was fun! It was so fun to see the difference between the first and last game. Everyone got a medal and they were so proud of it. I told Ian the story of Uncle Jeremy getting his first trophy and he was so proud of it that early the next morning he went door to door showing everyone his "champion". Ian thought that was so funny and so we've been calling it his "champion" too.

I posted a pic with Tatum in the huddle. She cracked me up, as soon as the game was over she was in the huddle. She looks like she's in charge! Carter joined in on the fun too.

I have a new goal now . . . by the time my kids hit HS sports I need a serious camera and I'd love to take a photography class to learn to catch the inaction shots. It will help too that I won't be entertaining a small group of preschoolers while trying to watch the game and take pictures! HA!

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