Sunday, March 1, 2009


8 1/4 years old (33!)
I couldn't ask for a better husband or father to our kiddos!!

I was just looking at our Hawaii 10 year anniversary scrapbook and saw that one of the things I wrote about you was that I love it that you are willing to tackle any challenge that comes our way. Already this year we are facing the challenge of unemployment . . . . . though it's not fun I'm just so glad I get to face these challenges with you. LOVE YOU Jason, hope you had a great birthday!!

The kids picked the theme for Daddy's birthday . . . they wanted to do a camping party because they know Daddy loves to camp. My kids are all about the theme. We bought green plates, roasted hotdogs in the fire, and made a CAMPING CAKE. We found this cute idea online and they all got to help make the cake. The Josts came over to help celebrate . . . thanks for coming guys, it's always fun to get together!

Isn't that a cute idea . . . we put the candles in the fire and turned out the lights so the fire actually lit up. I wish I would have set my camera setting right to get a cool picture of that. The kids all got to decorate their sleeping bag on the cake!

Since we were out till the middle of the night parting with MC HAMMER I let Jason sleep in. That's like the BEST birthday gift you can give a mom or dad right?? It was a good day!!

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