Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Apple juice, a tornado, and a straw . . . .

The twins LOVE apple juice. They would drink a gallon a day; so about a year ago I quit buying it on a regular basis. Now I buy the frozen concentrate and it's a fun thing to make and drink it all in a day. Then we are done for another couple weeks. They all love to stir . . . . . they take turns counting to ten and then passing it to the next person to stir, then comes the tornado . . . see if you can find it in the second picture . . . that's the coolest part . . . then to make it all more fun we grab a straw and sip away . . . I think the boys feel the same way about sipping apple juice as I feel about sitting by a pool or beach sipping a nice cold drink!! AHHHH!!

Carter took a picture of Coleson and I!

Here's another simple preschool idea . . . . divide a piece of paper into sections, number the sections, and then have the kids put the correct number of stickers in each box. Simple, fun, and uses their brain!! (You could make addition problems if you have a real smartie!!)

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