Monday, February 23, 2009


MOAB, UT - Arches National Park
Grandma and Grandpa Quiring came for several days to visit. We took off over the weekend and went south 3 1/2 hours to MOAB. It's such a neat place to explore. Last time we went Tatum was just months old and we camped in a tent with pouring rain!! This time we stayed in a hotel, went swimming, ate great Mexican food, had a picnic, enjoyed the SUN (one of the two days), made some sketches of the rock formations (Ian did this) and hiked like crazy!!!! (I'm guessing over 6 miles . . . with four kids 6 and under) I'm going to warn you this post has MANY pictures. We did the Delicate arch hike which is the arch that is on the UT license plates. Laverna (my mother in law) and I had a few heart attacks watching boys be boys! The kids just ran and climbed like crazy. Thanks Grandpa and Grandma for a great weekend and for the patience you have to have to travel with 4 young kids!! Enjoy all the pics!

We all made it home safe and sound!!! What a great weekend! Now it' Monday, Grandpa and Grandma are still on the train bound for home and we have filled our Monday with me having dental work, locking my keys in the van, making rice krispie treats, playing in our underwear (not all of us) and now starting homework, dinner, baths and bed. I'd say it's been a full Monday!!

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Micah said...

what a great place you live right now! I love that you are able to take advantage of so much of God's creation with your family. I am continually impressed how well your little family hikes, camps and explores! I can see the joy in all of your faces! we love you guys!

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