Saturday, January 31, 2009


I've been off the blog circuit for awhile so I thought I'd get back in it with something a little different.

Who doesn't love Oprah's Favorite Things show?? That's the one where you wish the entire time that YOU were on the show!! I thought I'd share some of MY FAVORITE THINGS! I chose all things around the house that make life a littler easier for me! Now is the part I wish I could say that for all of you who read this post you'll receive one of everything on this list!!!

#1 Display Bookshelf
(built by my very own man with Pottery Barn's measurements)

I LOVE children's books and give them to my kids as a gift with letters from me in them on special occasions so this allows me to display the nice ones. At Christmas I took them all down and put all our Christmas ones up!!

This is my new favorite thing! After all sorts of Child Safety Locks this is my favorite, my neighbor gave it to me! Thanks Marjorie! It's cheap ($2 from Walmart) and blends in nicely. You have to lift it before you open it so the kids CAN NOT open the door with it closed. Now I have control over snack time again!!!!!!!

#3 Curtain Rod Picture Display
This is another idea stolen from Pottery Barn. It's just a curtain rod hung in our basement with the clip on style curtain rings. This keeps the refrigerator from looking like an art cabinet. Everyone gets to display all their work!! Pottery Barn has some GREAT ideas for displaying kids art work.

I fell in love with these. They don't do great deep cleaning but who has time for that on a regular basis. I keep one of these in each bathroom and can wipe down the counter and bathroom in seconds and then flush it!! With three boys this is a must!!!

Ian found this for me on Mother's Day at a special Bartel farm we used to hang out at in Oklahoma. My boys are all rock collectors and give them to me as "presents". I can't keep them all but this ONE rock helps me remember the LOVE in ALL the other rocks that they've all given me. One rock is simpler to display than 100's right? I keep meaning to display it in a shadow box. Someday I'll do that!

This is a new favorite of mine too. With the addition of a princes loving lipgloss girl in our family I had to find a place that kept my purse safe from her little hands!!!! Daddy needs to figure one of these out for his wallet and chapstick too!
These are a MUST for all kids for ALL seasons!! Watch for them on clearance at Target in the off seasons. My kids always have a pair that fits! In winter we mostly use snow boots but their are still moments when the rainboots are needed. Kids can slip them on all by themselves, get them muddy, wet whatever! We even travel with them, especially camping.
This is my office, my communication center to the outside world, my scrapbooker (digital), my budget planner and on and on and on. The best part is it can go anywhere . . . a must with four kids. I don't get time to sit in an office by myself so this is a very important possession to me!
This keeps my house smelling AWESOME!! (A hard task with 3 stinky boys.) For obvious reasons candle's just aren't a part of my life right now. My friend sells them if you're interested.

We can fill this up and still have cars leftover. Found this at Target this past summer for $15. Worth every penny. The boys love picking out the right car for them! It's best if you can hang it on a door you don't open a ton. We have it on the closet with the heating/air stuff in it.
Just one more . . . had to add this . . . this definitely makes the day easier!!!!
#11 Dr. Pepper - my drug of choice - preferably fountain drink style!


Monica said...

I love it! And might even steel a few of them! LOL! I was wondering when you would update, been missing out on your life. I hope you have found some peace and things are calming down for you and Jason. You are still in my thoughts and prayers. Love ya! Mon

Brooke said...

Nicole, you should write a book. You have some of the best kids and organization ideas! Keep us posted on job news, etc. We're thinking about you:)

Amy said...

Welcome back Nic! Missed getting your updates. I love the artwork display idea - I'm definately stealing that one ;)

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