Tuesday, February 3, 2009


This girl . . . I LOVE getting close up shots of her. She has such amazing eyes. She is so FULL of expression and drama. She LIVES OUT LOUD!! I'm amazed by her and full of wonder at what her life will look like. She drives me crazy with her determination and strong will (somehow God blessed us with FOUR children with these qualities.) I know most days I'm staring at myself as I battle this girl!

Her favorite things (right now ) are chapstick, dress up, dancing, Princesses, bossing and babies!

Since day one we've had a dozen names for her. I thought this was the cause for her not saying her REAL name. I think she's said it 3 or 5 times in her entire life, and the girl CAN talk so it's not that. If you asked her today what her name was this is what you'd hear.
"What's your name?"
"I Cinerella"
"How old are you?"

"THREE" (she's TWO)
Strange because Cinderella was NOT one of the dozen names we called her. She came up with this on her own!

Some of her names . . .
Tater Tots
Miss Tots
Tot Totties
Little Miss
Missy Sue
Pretty Princess

Being the little sister to three big brothers has given Tatum two sides to her. We have the princess that can bring on the charm and all things girl and we have the girl that can wrestle, yell, and boss her way into whatever she wants! The best example of this is when we had some other neighborhood boys over and all 5 boys were dressed in costumes (Batman, Buzz Light Year etc) and they were shooting and sword fighting each other in the living room. We had music in the background blaring. Tatum came up in her Cinderella costume and in the mix of the wild crazy fighting boys she would switch from sword fighting, kicking at the boys, and making fighting sounds to dancing in circles and twirling like Cinderella. I watched from the kitchen in awe as Tatum battled with herself as to how she should act. She seemed perfectly comfortable in both worlds!! What a girl!!!!!!!!
She's a princess . . . but watch out when you tick the princess off! HA!!

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Sweet Pea said...

Loved all the pics of your princess! She's a cutie! Have a good night!

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