Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Star Wars Comprehension

I just finished reading 2 chapters of a Star Wars book for Beginning Readers to the boys and I have NO IDEA what I just read. Talk about poor reading comprehension??? I mean to these words make any sense to you?
Separatist alliance
Octuptarra droid
My boys have never seen any of these movies or anything but they like to play with lightsabers and they know the characters. How is it that a four year old and six year old seemed to have better comprehension of this book than me??? We have 5 more chapters left; I'm hoping they won't ask me to read more till Jason is home, he can take over on this book!


Mike y Jessica said...

Nicole you are so dang cute! I've had so much fun reading your stuff and the quotes from your kids literally have me cracking up! So fun! Talk to you soon! Jess

Lisa said...

I read this to Travis and he said he completely understood! I'm with you though!

Heidi said...

Sadly enough, I knew several of those words! But that is because my husband is a star wars nut. When he read the entry, he just laughed and said he knew all of them!

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