Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Cookie Factory

What does Jason do at the "cookie factory"?

Okay girls I am laughing so hard right now . . . in my earlier post of the day I mentioned Jason's job at the cookie factory . . . "Mrs. Fields" and my sister in law commented on it and it made me laugh. I guess I forgot to tell her about it and she wants proof!! I just realized you all probably think the guy is in an apron serving or baking cookies . . . . . that's actually what I thought it was too when he brought the idea up. My response was, "maybe I could do that job." I was trying to picture Jason in the mall selling cookies!! He had a connection through someone at church and works at one of their large factories and is the maintenance guy (NOT to be confused with the JANITOR) or so he tells me! HA!! So he isn't the guy in either of the pictures. He does everything for welding to building bookshelves, to fixing production equipment! Yes ladies I have a handy man and I do love that! The best part of this job is what he returns home with . . . COOKIES!!! When he walks in the door I holler out to the kids, "Daddys home from the cookie factory!" We've had some good laughs about it all but it really has been a good job for him/us other than not having a day off all week; it's helping us get our head above water!!

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Monica said...

You have no idea how hard I was laughing, I thought that was an actual pic of Jason working. (sorry) That sounds so fun, to get cookies when he comes home. Ask him to get a side job at the Cheesecake Factory next, that would be almost Heaven for me! LOL!! Sounds like you all have been busy, hope all is well. Miss Ya!

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