Saturday, August 23, 2008


Jon and Kate Plus Eight is my favorite show!! If you are a mom and haven't watched it you've got to see it. They have twin girls who are 8 (i think) and sextuplets that are four (three boys and three girls). They are a Christian family and are so real on the show - they are in no way perfect, just trying to do the best they can with a large family!

I just finished watching a new episode where they all go see Thomas the Tank Engine. We've been to see Thomas twice in our life and I could feel her pain trying to keep tabs on all their kids.
I had to laugh as her boys were playing in water while they were waiting to go. Kate talks about how boys are just more disobedient versus girls! If anybody knows the difference between raising boys and girls it's her, she has a house full of both! I always feel so normal in my mothering thoughts when I watch this show! I laugh out loud in every episode and frequently tear up because I feel so understood!! The sextuplets are the same age as our twins so we seem to be going through the same stage all the time. My life is in no way as insane as hers but I feel I have a small glimpse into her world with our kids all so close in age. I admire them for getting out there and doing things when it would be easier to just stay home.

In the show the boys had dinosaur eggs and were watching them crack open in water . . . I had to laugh because we just did the same thing this week! Thanks to our Aunt Jodi, she gave the boys dino eggs for their birthday and they have LOVED them. It's been hilarious. They thought they were going to be real dinosaurs - they told me they are their pets. They've told several neighbors and so the kids have had to patiently wait for them to crack! They checked them every five minutes!! So fun!! Thanks Jeremy and Jodi for the fun project!

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