Friday, August 15, 2008

Marathon Road Trip!!!

I can hardly believe I am sitting down to blog . . . it's been forever since I've updated. The kids and I just got back earlier this week from a three week marathon road trip! We added up all our hours in the van and I totaled 52 hours!! I know what you moms are thinking . . . . your van must be a mess! Yes it was! (Just to give you an idea of how messy . . . when my mom crawled back into her seat from being in the back to help the kids she told me to look what she had stuck to her toe . . . it was a large part of a pop tart! Yum!) To quickly summarize what we did I'll break the trip down into 4 parts . . .

Part One: Nebraska - A week at Grandma and Grandpa's playing with cousins!

Part Two: Oklahoma - Time with close friends and attending weddings!

Part Three: Kansas - Time at Grammy and Gramps!

Part Four: THE VAN! Grandma Quiring drove with us from Utah to Nebraska, Daddy came and did the driving from Nebraska to Oklahoma (he got in on the short driving days, lucky him), and then Grammy drove with us from Kansas back home! Grandma and Grammy deserve an AWARD for all they did to help make the trips go smooth!!! We love you two!!

If you are wondering where Jason fit into our trip . . . he was at Highschool camp part of the time, then flew to Nebraska for two days with us, then he flew in and out of Oklahoma to perform the weddings we were attending.

Enjoy the zillion pictures I posted! We had a great time!! I'm glad to be home but sad our time with family and friends is over!!

Corn pictures for Daddy . . . taken in the cornfield where he grew up!

Coleson worked so hard at shucking (is that the right word?) the corn!

Grandma got everyone involved at preparing the corn!! It was GOOD eatin for dinner that night!

Tatum's mimicking me . . . cell phone and camera!

Best friends and best cousins!! (Josh and Ian)

Taylor, Carter, and Tatum at the park!!

Cousins eating Popsicles!

It wouldn't have been a trip to Nebraska without a tractor ride from Grandpa. The twins loved it! It was probably good Grandpa wasn't trying to drive in a straight line since he had such good help from Carter and Coleson.

Tatum was "sleeping" at Grandma's when she came up covered in desitin!

This cracked me up . . . Coleson and Carter figured out how to ride the bike together. What a pair!

We spent an afternoon playing in a pivot (the thing that waters the field for all you non farmers) and my boys found a mud hole. Their cousins got semi messy but not my boys . . . they bathed in it! Ian said they were taking a mud bath! The twins said it was a hot tub! It was all fun until mom got the cold hose out!

Coleson enjoying his "mud bath".

It was so great to see our Oklahoma friends!! Love ya Nat, thanks for keeping my kids so much! They love you guys!

Ian's Fairview buddies . . . Wes and Ella! THey just picked up where they left off!

Brystal and Brit were doing a dance routine and Tatum just joined in, it was the cutest thing ever! She never gets the chance to hang with the girls at our house.

Ethan and Ian in Kansas! These two are "camping buddies" as they say! Since they were little their daddies and them camped out once a year together. It hasn't happened since we moved to Utah, we need to arrange that!

Riding bikes on the college campus!! Amazing to have my kids play on the campus where Jason and I met! Even stranger that Gramps is the president now.

We had the best time ever at Lonnie and Cindy's farm! We added another great memory to our time out there! They went all out with fishing, a treasure hunt, and hay rack ride! We love you guys!

The boys helped Jason feed the Karber's horses! What a treat for them! I even helped a little! What a girl wouldn't do for her girlfriend! We had a great time staying at the Karber's house while in Oklahoma!

I had SO much fun hanging with all you girls at the wedding! I miss you all! You make me laugh so hard!

Angie you have to tell Todd he made the blog . . . he shouldn't be taking pictures with other people's camera! HA!

Krista and Andrew thanks for giving Jason a reason to wear his suit! I love seeing him all dressed up, he only pulls it out for weddings, funerals, and graduation! He cleans up good doesn't he?

Jason with all the youth group boys!! You guys are awesome! You guys make me so happy I have a house full of boys!

I can't believe you girls are all so grown up and getting married!! You are all such beautiful girls!

We finally got a picture of the four of us, we forget to take one every time we are together! We love you guys!

This was a gorgeous outdoor wedding!

Well, there you have it, a marathon blog entry to go along with our marathon road trip! If you get these blog entries on your email I hope I didn't overload your computer!

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