Friday, August 15, 2008

Daddy Day!

Before our marathon road trip Jason had a "Daddy day" with each boy. I stole the idea from my favorite show "Jon and Kate Plus Eight". Each kid got to go somewhere special with Daddy. They absolutely LOVED it. The boys were all excited for each other to get to go and when they'd come home they'd run outside to see what all they got to do with Daddy. Having kids close together in age has pros and cons. One of the hard things is to try to get individual time with each one of them. It's so important though because that's when we have some of our best conversations with them. I hope having a strong relationship with their daddy now will help them grow up to be great men someday!

Coleson went to the Aquarium!
Ian went to a Water Park!
Carter went to Wheeler Farms and got to ride a horse.

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