Thursday, May 29, 2008


While Jason and I were in Hawaii the kids were in Kansas with my parents (Grammy and Gramps)! We all flew to Kansas . . . all of our kids have flown so many times in their life. A benefit of flying with your kids when they are little is you get to see the progress of how it does get easier! Had we not done it many times before we might have just thought it was insane but we know better . . . it was MUCH easier this time! The kids are getting the system down, the love to get there own tray, put their backpack and shoes in it, send it through, walk through, and then reclaim their stuff. Jason and I are getting the system down too , we've figured it's easier to sit in two rows on the same side of the plane so we can pass all our kids and goodies back and forth instead of across the aisle. Carter and Coleson also have to sit in the back row so they are kicking Daddy's seat instead of some old man who wants to sleep. Tatum got to join the boys this time by bringing along her own backpack. The rule is you have to have room in your little backpack for a pencil bag of crayons/color book, books to read, your blanket (if you need it) and then you can bring along toys that FIT in the backpack (the reason for the LITTLE backpacks). I'm always looking for new "things" to pull out on the plane that I keep in my bag! This time I was proud of my idea to bring along $1 pipe cleaners. The kids played with them forever and made all sorts of things . . . my favorite were the glasses. The twins enjoyed putting stickers all over their backpack, this occupied 30 minutes of time and Tatum (who was at the hardest stage on an airplane in my opinion) played with beads and a make up bag of fake makeup! All purchased for less than a couple bucks!! That's the goal . . . cheap fun! Our plane ride home gave us some adventure as Tatum decided to throw a 30 minute fit. It at least happened during landing so the entire plane felt sorry for her thinking it was her ears. It wasn't her ears but we let them all think that!! It was actually the first "fit" we've had to endure on a plane in all our trips!
The kids had a BLAST with Grammy and Gramps and got visits from Grandpa and Grandma and Aunt Christine and cousins! I am so grateful to have parents who are so willing to keep our troop! We know they are a handful and keep you busy so we appreciate it SOOO much!! Love you mom and dad!

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Jenny said...

Sounds kind of crazy to me....don't think I would ever want to be on a plane with your wild bunch...just kidding...too cute!

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