Friday, August 8, 2014

Two Great Days

I feel like writing these next words is a real tragedy . . .

Summer is going to end. 
It always does. I wish it could linger a little longer.

We had a crazy whirlwind summer.
Filled it with lots of on the road time.
Many friends - near and far.
And did I say lots of on the road time??
I'd be lying if I didn't say it's left us a little weary.
Their are two days this summer that are by far my two favorite days of the entire summer!

San Francisco and Santa Cruz!
While on our way to a conference we added in two days that would just be our days.
Two days - on our own time frame - hanging as a family - enjoying the joy that comes when you explore new places - a realization that my kids are growing so fast - they were such good days - a reminder to me that I love this little big family of mine!
We are a mess of a family most of the time.
Doing the daily grind of meeting each persons unique needs and all the while trying to point each other to Jesus.
We are a mess but I love this messy family and these were good days of remembering that!

There is something almost magical about exploring a city with a family. 
They see things we don't see.
They ask things we don't ask.
To give me kids a tiny glimpse at how others live is priceless to me.
It broadens their horizons and reminds them everyone doesn't live the same.
I love watching my whole tribe walk down a street.
We all were looking forward to the soup in a bread bowl --- I may have pumped them up for that for weeks - and it did not disappoint. They loved it.

Then onto the beach for another amazing day.
I heart the beach!
It's a happy place for me for sure.
Full of the awe and wonder of God's creations.

Good days. Good memories.


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