Saturday, August 16, 2014

Back to School brings out two sides of me!

I don't know what it is about the "back to school" month but it leaves me nostaligic and to be honest totally split on my thoughts and emotions.

On the one hand this momma is loosing it.
If I run the dishwasher 2 or 3x in a day ONE MORE time I'm gonna lose it.
All of a sudden the "boys locker room feel" in my kitchen is too much.
Mouthguards and shoulder pads on the kitchen counter?? Really?
Everyone is fending for themselves when it comes to certain meals.
I tell myself this is a good thing ... my boys know how to crack open a can of Spaghetti O's or make a microwave bowl of mac n cheese.
I'm preparing them for the real world someday right? 

I'm craving real meals.
I don't think I can eat another hot dog.
I need them to leave for several hours so I can hear the quiet. 
As I type this I hear the three boys playing and one says, "I don't want to fight. That's when people get mad and leave the game. So let's just play."
The other two chuckled and they all kept playing.
My jaw dropped --- maybe this summer we all have learned some new problem solving techniques.

It's been a good summer.
Even with all the fast microwaved food, the locker room feel, and fighting I don't want it to end.
I adore summer.
But all good things come to an end.
Because of that, this is why I also have all the nostalgic emotions about another year down, another summer over, a new season on the horizon, new, new, new . . . . . and it makes me think of the individuals we are raising.
It makes me stay up late at night asking myself questions like . . .
Are our kids catching what we are "preaching" by how we live?
Will they thrive this year in their classrooms and with their teachers?
Do I stop enough to see them grow up? 
I'll stop with those three questions, for fear then you will be up late asking yourself questions and someone needs to be sleeping! 

So this post is a shout out to my tribe of four!
It's probably one of those posts that many don't wanna read, it's more for this momma and the grandparents I guess - but here it goes.

The crazy four!!

The oldest --- Ian.
The one that has to do everything FIRST making my mom heart go crazy.
Starting middle school in two days.
Has a crazy love for community.
People matter to him. People make everything better.
But he also has a place that's just for him, I think this is where he refuels when he's had enough of people and just needs to be alone --- his books!
He is a mad reader.
He's great with little kids.
Says "I love you" easily and doesn't care if I'm silly in public.
He's a great friend.
He's nostalgic. 
He's a cuddler and would let me tickle his back for hours.
He's a goof ball - everything should be fun or why do it?
He's on the fence about growing up. 
He has his challenges - they all four do - but this post isn't about those.

Carter - the oldest twin - yes that matter to him.
He's a minute older.
Sweetest kid you'll ever meet.
You can see behind his eyes when he's trying to take in the world.
 He thinks deep.
He loves people. Never wants another one hurt.
Sometimes I think he's an old soul in a 10 year old body.
He moves fast, I've described him as a hyper puppy at times - just excited to explore life.
 He can still play make believe like crazy.
Always looking for a good time.
Makes me laugh - great humor.
Question asker.
Loves hugs and to cuddle up with dad or I on the couch.
Still sits close to his bros when watching a movie. 
Like his big brother says, "I love you" easily & doesn't care if I'm silly in public.
Watching him challenge himself to do something is a site this momma loves to watch. 


Coleson- the minute younger twin - but that doesn't phase him!
I adore watching this kid maneuver life.
He isn't missing a minute of it in that brain of his.
Black and white.
Whitty - his comments crack me up because of the honesty behind the humor.
Life should be fun and pe time should be great.
Deep thinker - again, old soul in a young body.
He loves people. Thinks deep about them.  I learn from him.
Asks lots of question and then processes them for himself.
Says what he thinks. 
He's the first one up for school and the most on top of getting ready.
On the move and quick.
And like his brothers, he says  "I love you" easily and doesn't care if I act silly in public.
A cuddler.

 Tatum - the girl!
She's a fierce one.
Loves hard. Lives loud. In love with love.
Loves to dress the part of whatever she does.
Can get dirty and leave her hair ratty and just go with it
Can accessorize an outfit with the best of them.
Is a great friend. Loves people. 
Oblivious to certain things . . . on the playground why wouldn't everyone be able to join in?
Come one, come all.  
Still wants mom to say the hard things like telling a friend she doesn't want to come out to play.
She wouldn't want to hurt them.
Lives up to the meaning of her name (Bringer of Cheer).
The fiesty side she saves for those who love her best reminds me of me. (Help me Jesus.)
Just wants to have a good time,  can live with no care in the world.
She loves to give me a massage or play with my hair but doesn't like me to dance, sing or tell stories to others about the funny things she said as a little kid. 
Unlike her bros, she doesn't want me to be silly in public.
Just looking at this pic makes me want to squeeze her. 
She's my sweetie.

That's my tribe.
The ones that dominate our "world".
The ones that we pray will be world changers!
School is coming . . . bring it on . . . these four are ready, are sort of ready, will be ready.



Angie said...

You have a beautiful tribe!

Susanne said...

Your tribe are one of my four favorite kiddos. We are blessed. Your boys love my sweet Grace real. I can't say that for many boys that age. And Tatum is such a fun girl when we get to have her. She is kind, funny, sweet, and we love how much she means to Joy. You are doing something right in these little people.

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