Monday, March 10, 2014

7 and 9 pics

Two posts in the same month, back to back days?
What's happening?

I took some pics awhile ago of my three youngest . . .

Twins 9 year old pics.
They smiled, I snapped and they ran off.
Got a good one of each, love that!
These two are so handsome and crazy and I love listening to them figure out the world.
Just when you think maybe they aren't getting whatever you are trying to explain, they say something that reminds you they aren't missing a beat in this world.
In the last year I've seen more differences emerge in them in personality and that's so cool to see as they are totally individuals!
They are gonna be so fun to watch grow into men.
I'm praying like crazy their bond stays strong.
They fight like dogs but have a bond thicker then anything.

The girl sat longer for pics.
7 year old pics.
7 ??? What happened. Where did the time go?
And this one . . . oh she'll take this world on someday.
She's got passion in her and yet she's most of the time in her own world and I love that!
Girl of mine,  I love watching you just LOVE life and LOVE this world.


1 comment:

Angie said...

Those turned out beautiful. Time passes too quickly doesn't it?

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