Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fall and Then and Now Pics


The colors are amazing.
They always make me catch my breath.
Went up the mountain a couple weekends ago. 
BEAUTY everywhere! 

We did a hike we had done many many times when the kiddos were little.
It was actually the last hike we did before moving to Nebraska.
I must say the trail was a piece of cake compared to the last time. It was more like a walk in a park this time. We got to a spot that I vividly remember stopping to hand out snacks so the kids could keep going when they were little.  This time it would have been dumb to stop for a break. ha.

I couldn't help but resist doing a few THEN and NOW pictures from the same hike.

(I've always loved pics from the back as we hike.)

(Notice the change of order.)



(The point where they needed a break.)

No break - instead they hopped on the rocks; we later found out we shouldn't have been on them - glad we saw that sign AFTER the fun. 

On our way home we hit Bridal Falls - another place we hiked when they were young.

Happy Fall.



Elizabeth said...

Oh my goodness. I'm not wishing the time away (because it's going too fast as it is) but I am looking forward to when we can take our kids on hikes and bike rides. I will have to remember to take some "Then and Now" pics!

Lisa said...

Beautiful pictures! Fun to see how your kids are growing! They are getting so big!

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