Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Last Post on our Trip . . . Utah

After Colorado Springs we drove on to Utah.
It was a gorgeous drive.
I wanted to stop along the way 100 x at cool places and beautiful sights.
It's just beautiful!

Our week there was full of time with friends.
It was so good to hang out in our old neighborhood and to be with friends.
We spent one evening up in the canyon roasting hot dogs and hanging out.

 6 families; 21 kids.
Can you say fun??
Loved it.
Wished we would have gotten a pic of all of us. 

We planned this marathon trip because of a wedding.
Our close friends son got married.
We love Josh and he found a great girl.
Jason helped with part of the ceremony.
It was a beautiful evening.

Love these guys ... they are family to us.
It's not often you see these two dressed up together.

A wedding is a great way to see so many other good friends. 

(Any of you Women's Retreat gals recognize her? It's Joani, she was my friend that came and helped with worship at the retreat. Seeing her twice in a year.... that rocks.)

Before hand we took pics at a park we used to play at.
Love this park; Tatum had her one year pics at this park.

The Quiring kids hit the dance floor at the reception.
Cracked me up when they did a line dance and the boys just joined in following the steps.

We wish you the best Josh and Rachel!!
(Why is it that I don't have much of the bride ?... uh.  She was stunning!!)

The trip was good .... but as always good to get home.


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