Friday, August 24, 2012

Colorado Springs

Two days before school started we returned home from a 10 day trip.
It included lots of driving and lots of friends.

We started the trip off by heading to Colorado Springs to visit our friends ... the Karbers.
We had the best time with them.
If everyone had family friends that they could just pick up where they left off (even if it's been months or years), go deep in conversations, laugh over stupid stuff, and talk about new stuff; the world would be a much better place.
We have this with them.
We love you Karbers.

Night one we escaped without the kids to catch up.
We sat out by the Garden of the Gods and dined on a great meal.
(There are perks to having friends with older kids -- babysitter! :))

Our first full day there we went hiking.
Amazing views.
The pictures speak for themselves.

Everything is safer when you have your daddy's hand.

Makes my breathing speed up just looking at this picture.
It wasn't a straight drop off.... but man does it look like it.

Determined to get in the cave.

They did it.

Cooling off in the stream afterwards.

The second day we went to the zoo.
The zoo their rocks.
Almost all of the animals were out and active.
They are known for their giraffe feeding station.
It is quite something.

After feeding them with our hands we tried setting it on our shoulders.
Everyone's faces were hilarious.
The progression of the pics crack me up.

I could hardly stand to do this but they persuaded me too try. 

Then cool Curt did it.
He makes it look so easy.

Olympic Fans doing the "Bolt".
(The normal pic was blurry. shoot. This will have to do.)
My "bolt" looks a little weird. ha.


Tatum couldn't bring herself to feed them the first time around so on our way out we tried again.... yeah she did it.
I told her if I could do it she totally could.
She didn't attempt the shoulder thing.
Baby steps .... first make Dad do it.

Just hanging out at their place was an adventure too.
The kids let "Brain" crawl on them.
I simply could NOT do this.

After great times in Colorado Springs we hit the road again for Utah.
That's for another post.



lYNETTE said...

Step away from the edge - you are making Aunt Lynette SCARED!

lYNETTE said...

Step away from the edge - you are making Aunt Lynette SCARED!

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